About Me

My name is Dustin Dreifuerst and I have been in the Crypto community since 2013.

The first time I had heard about Bitcoin was in 2010 when it was mentioned by a guy I worked with and while I ignored it he probably is a millionaire ten times over by now!

I wasn’t bitten by the Crypto bug until 2013 after listening to a deeper explanation of how blockchain and Bitcoin really worked.  After I really understood its implications for the world I was hooked.

I jumped right in and started reading, going on message boards and building multiple mining rigs.

I have become more involved after a hiatus over this last year as the price movements led to more people asking me, the guy who had been talking about it, what this all was and how it worked.

Today I do a little trading, staking and HODL’ing and a lot of reading.

I have recently started to teach myself programming, ie coding.  I realized that to REALLY understand blockchain and be more invovled in projects I am passionate about I need to understand the nuts and bolts of how this works.  I can’t do that when the “sacred texts” of blockchain are written in a language I don’t understand.

I hope that this Podcast will help other get bitten by the crypto bug as well, not visions of fortune but being part of something revolutionary.


If you are interested in my disclaimer on what coins I am holding and/or crypto projects I am invovled in Click Here. This is so that you are aware of any biases I may have when talking about certain projects.

If you would like to contact me for any reason head over to my CONTACT page or click on the social media bubbles below.