Episode 9: The Great Block Debate Part 1 w/ Giacomo Zucco 

The Great Bitcoin Block Debate Part 1: Giacomo Zucco 

In this Episode I am joined by Giacomo Zucco, Director of BHB networks to begin our first of six parts in a series, outlining the Big/Small block debate that has split the Bitcoin community.

Today we talk about

  • Giacomo’s Bitcoin origin story
  • Small Blocks vs. Big Blocks
  • Bitcoin Attack Vectors
  • Political Philosophy behind Bitcoin
  • Why there are no real long term threats to Bitcoin

If you are new to the space you will probably be a bit confused as to what the difference between Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The reason these two coins exist simultaneously is the result of a long time disagreement with how to make the Bitcoin network handle larger volumes of transactions.

These two camps have generally divided on making blocks bigger to allow for more transactions per second with another camp that wants to keep blocks smaller and the network more secure while building another layer on top of bitcoin that will allow for massive, cheap transactions on that layer.

This is the first of a 6 part series highlighting 3 different voices from each side, each with a different perspective on WHY they believe their thesis and solution is the correct one.

Today I am joined by Giacomo Zucco, CEO of BHB Networks. Giacomo is a long time Bitcoin Advocate and passionate believer in Bitcoin as sound money and a store of value. This obviously puts him squarely in the small block/2nd layer solution to the scaling debate.

Giacomo was a gracious guest, giving up his own personal time and on top of that is a brilliant speaker and thought leader in this space. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to him and I know you will enjoy this episode immensely.



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