Episode 8: Security








Cryptocurrency Security Best Practices

In this Episode I talk about

  • Computer Security
    • Malware/Antivirus
    • Bitdefender
    • Nord VPN
  • Password Security
    • Password Managers
    • Lastpass
  • 2 Factor Authentication
    • Software (TOTP)
    • Hardware (U2F)
      • YUBIKEY
  • OPSEC (Operational Security)
    • Be Quiet/Humble/Anonymous
  • Physical Security
  • Backup Security
    • Multiple Location/Multi-Region




There’s a bit of a sharp learning curve as you come into the crypto space.  With the great power over your wealth compared to the old system comes a great responsibility and diligence on your part to keep it safe.

I want to show you the path to financial freedom but also financial security.  This all may seem like a lot at first but its really not after you do it a few times, it just becomes a habit like a pin number on your debit card.

I have lost private keys and passwords to old crypto accounts that had at the time a few dollars in them and are now worth hundreds, not a “lost 51 million” story but its still significant.  Proper security  can keep this from ever happening to you.

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